Let the games begin!

As you can imagine, this industry can be a tad bit overwhelming when you first start out.. It makes me so happy  that everyone has been so supportive. Friends, family & fellow Realtors.. Thank you!

This cutie came in for me the other day – exciting!


This Monday was the first meeting with the other new agents, which was held at my office – Coldwell Banker Willow Glen. It was definitely relieving and somewhat comforting to meet other new agents in the exact same boat as myself. Although the meeting was short.. only about 45 minutes, I walked away feeling enlightened & super motivated.  My Broker gave me a little “homework”; practice filling out SEVEN purchase contracts…. Talk about overwhelm central!! Let’s just say I freaked out a little bit. Yes, I used to deal with these on a daily basis (when i worked with my Mom)  and I do know how to read them. It’s just… the reality of actually having to write up a contract yourself and having your client potentially asking all sorts of questions about the contract, verbiage, etc – Yikes.

Luckily, I have my Mommy! We went out to lunch yesterday & she helped me with all my questions. She pretended to be my buyer and I wrote up the contract. My considerations seemed so insignificant after our little lunch date 😀

OH! I am hosting my first Open House this Saturday!! Open houses are probably the single most effective way to meet buyers & possibly gain new business;  aside from friends and family of course. So, I am really looking forward to this.

I’ll keep you posted!


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