Photograph Wall Collage

When I created the gallery frame wall in our living room {shown below} it was exactly what I had in mind to showcase our wedding/engagement photos.

{Gallery wall tutorial click here}

We adore our “love wall” BUT I still have so many photos!!

I was browsing Pinterest & came across this really cute idea of doing a collage wall full of pictures – I know that may sound really tacky but if done right, it looks amazing!

{via Pinterest}

My favorite is the one below. I really like the look of having the entire wall covered from top to bottom. It’s almost like personalized wallpaper.

Heart shaped collage – does it get any cuter!?

{via Pinterest}

Now the question is where do I create this photo collage in our house?!

 Artistic photos, vintage, black & white photos etc can create whatever look you are going for.

{via MadeByGirl}

{via Pinterest}

{via Pinterest}

Using a large frame like the one below is gorgeous to!

So far here are my wall options:

I’m leaning toward this skinny wall that is the threshold between the dining room and living room. I would make the collage go above the doorway & down the left side, filling the entire wall.

What do you think? It could look really bad, but I think it’s worth a shot!

Or we could do it on this wall near my closet. This wall is a lot wider and will fit more photos.

{The gorgeous chandelier painting was made by the talented Katie Arambula – click here to see more of her awesome work}

Or option #3 –  this door that covers the furnace, in our hallway.

Not the cutest door, but a photo collage could definitely bring some pretty to this dingy closet.

Plus I would replace the knob with a jeweled one – I don’t know, could be cute. What’s your favorite spot for the photo collage? Leave me a comment with your vote. I can’t decide!

We hope you are all having a fantastic week so far!


I decided on the dingy door. See more photos here

Xo, Melissa & Virginia



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13 responses to “Photograph Wall Collage

  1. Candice

    I vote dingy door or above the door and along the side of the one into the living room… but my first choice is door. Especially if you change the doorknob. I think that could be super duper cute!

  2. Michi

    I vote the dingy door. It would be an instant oh-la-laer! 🙂 Love the idea, brilliant! ❤

  3. Really!? Thx ladies!!! Ya, changing the knob is a must!

  4. Katie Arambula

    I like the idea of the heart shaped thing but I feel like in real life it will never look that cool haha. PS you’re so cute, I’m happy to see that painting is in your room:)

  5. mari lokna

    Love your posts! Can’t wait to see how your collage turns out, what a lovely day 🙂

  6. Darcy

    Definitely option three!! Perfect
    Spot and I think with option one the pics would be too high above the door to really be appreciated. Love your ideas!

  7. Erin

    I’ve been trying to do this but how would i get my loose pictures to stay on the wall.I’ve tried the blue sticky-tac as well right now i have the double sided tape.It’s a little better but it peels once in a while.Ps.I’m in an apartment so I don’t want to ruin the walls too much just incase I move.

  8. Pam Knight

    I would love to know where to get the frame and matting for the large frame shown above! I have a blah wall panel and this would be perfect!


    Hi! I love it!
    Can i ask where i can buy the Giant Frame?? i


    Hi! I love it!
    Can i ask where i can buy the Giant Frame??

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