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Top 5 Creative Uses For Vintage Wood Crates

Wood crates are one of those things you can do just about anything with. They are pretty inexpensive and can be purchased at antique shops and fairs. You can also find them on Etsy.

{Top 5 favorite uses for vintage soda crates}

#1 Shelves

The top right photo is 12 crates that make up one awesome storage shelf ! I will definitely be doing this in my home office or kitchen – both need extra storage space at the moment. This is such a brilliant way to bring functional and pretty storage to any room. The bottom right photo could work in a children’s bedroom or an entryway.


#2 Herb or flower planter

It’s amazing how old beat up crates can look so pretty when you add gorgeous flowers to them. Having your herbs planted in a crate would be so convenient. Just leave them on the kitchen counter and use them as needed while cooking!


Love these adorable herb markers – Find similar ones here or make them yourself!

#3 Wedding Decor

I am absolutely obsessed with crates being used in weddings. We used them in our wedding at the cocktail hour. Crates can be used to hold your wedding favors, they can be used as reception table centerpieces, accessories at your dessert bar, or just for added decor.. the possibilities are endless.


#4 Original use – soda crate!

Perfect for BBQs, kid’s birthdays & parties – weddings too! LOVE the bright colors against the rustic wood crates


#5 Entertaining

Adding this to your buffet spread is a simple way to add style and a little shabby chic elegance.


What is your favorite?! Have you done something similar to my top 5 fav uses? We would love to hear how you made use out of an old wood crate.

Oh and BTW, Melissa & Clayton’s wedding was featured on Style Unveiled!! Check out the amazing spread they did and the Q&A here!


Melissa & Virginia



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