Chippendale lovin’


As you know, I plan to glam up my living room using yellow, aqua and gold. So when I came across these Chinese Chippendale chairs I knew they would work perfectly in our new living room. Unfortunately they are ridiculously expensive!  So it looks like I will have to find them on eBay or Craigslist for a steal. I refuse to pay full price I’m sorry!

Oh how I drool over these Jonathan Adler Chinese Chippendale’s!!! Here’s a good version of them on Ballard Designs.

If I purchase them second hand, I will definitely be painting them and re-covering.

Hmmm.. would you paint them yellow or aqua? Either would be perfect in the living room space.


Such a hard decision! I love both colors so much.. Kind of leaning more on yellow though. Thoughts??



Can’t wait to find me a pair of these gorgies!

 Here are a couple of photos of our overkill neutral living room


Can’t wait for it to look something like this!


Today I order the couch and the transformation begins.  Stay tuned for the final look!!



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3 responses to “Chippendale lovin’

  1. OMG I LOVE the chairs girl!!!!!!!

  2. I’m obsessed as well. LOVE. but yes they are pure rapeage

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