Wall Stencil Debate

So as you know I plan to paint an accent wall in our living room. Yes I know I am taking forever to do this! I’m busy enough doing real estate full time & keeping up the blog. Sometimes home improvement & DIY projects are the last thing I want to do when I have some down time. But, our new couch and rug are on their way so I need to get it together quick!! (Stay tuned for more on this soon)

I am debating between either painting the wall aqua/turquoise &  adding a stencil pattern to liven things up.. or I could forget paint all together and buy some removable wallpaper

What do you think?

I’m kind of hesitant to commit to stenciling! It just scares me.. what if its crooked? Seems stressful. I just want it to look professional and gorgeous. Tips & Advice on this are welcomed!

Anyway, I found Royal Designs on Pinterest. They have some amazing stencils and so much variety too. Some of my favorites:

I’m 100% doing this zebra stripe stencil in my office or our master bedroom! OH EM GEE I LOVE!

Highly obsessed

Cutting Edge Stencils  have gorgeous modern designs too

Now for some wallpaper ideas:

Grass cloth woven wallpaper could be gorgeous and add a good amount of texture ..

Or of course this gorgeous wallpapered accent wall.. you have seen this on the blog before. Still in love with it.

Imperial trellis wallpaper

Casablanca trellis

Modern tout trellis wallpaper

All images via Pinterest

Removable wallpaper is popping up everywhere lately. Look what I found at Urban Outfitters.

Graham & Brown OR Farrow & Ball are good sources for wallpaper.

SO what would you do? Wallpaper or stencil?

Xo, Melissa & Virginia



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5 responses to “Wall Stencil Debate

  1. Katie Arambula

    so cute.. I would do the wall paper though:)

  2. I don’t know girl. Wallpaper is not going to be easier than stenciling…trust me.
    I also think maybe doing a solid color accent wall would be best because you are adding a a statement pattern rug. Just a thought. When does your sofa and rug come??

  3. Ya wallpaper is a bitch. NO stores sell the supplies. It is crazy. I would probably just go with a plain wall too. That rug has a lot going on and it just might be too much together. You could stencil the kitchen wall if you wanted to do something?

  4. I have to say I agree on the rug being too much of a statement. I was already thinking with that.. I need to see the rug in person already. Maybe if the rug wasn’t backordered forever!!! Ughs. Katie! I love the wallpaper too 🙂

  5. I was in this same predicament and I went ahead…with full gusto and stenciled my guest bathroom. Here are the pictures: http://shemakescents.com/2012/06/12/wall-stencil-di/

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