Our Living Room Update

Clay & I got so much done on the living room re-vamp this past weekend. I FINALLY picked the perfect aqua color for the accent wall. We chose Benjamin Moore’s bird’s egg . Clayton keeps saying our living room looks like a nursery hahaha but says he loves it. He didn’t want it too bright and wild, so this was the perfect color for us. BTW, I highly recommend using green frog tape to tape off your walls when painting. This stuff is amazing. There was absolutely no bleeding through at all! You can find frog tape at all home improvement and painting stores.

and as you can see we got the chandelier up!!

So romantic at night…

Special thanks to my handy little brother. Love you!

Here’s a before picture (notice the horrendous ceiling fan) – sorry for the crappy iphone pic

What a difference huh? Everytime we are hanging out in the living room, I can’t stop staring at the walls and the chandelier haha. Obsessed. We still have to get a coffee table & two chairs but the room is coming along quite nicely.

Also the Pottery Barn Teen lattice rug is working out perfect!

Sunday we headed up to San Francisco to check out the Oscar Sofa at ZGallerie that I have been obsessing over.

Turns out Clay liked it just as much as I did, so we bought it.

Can’t wait for it to come!

I couldn’t really get a good full shot of the couch since there was a bunch of stuff in the way! The SF store was small and kinda cramped. Anyway, I’m loving the tufted bottom cushion, turned legs, bronze nailhead & the soft pillows make it oh sooooo comfy. Classic. Chic. Timeless. LOVE.

Here’s a better picture from ZGallerie’s site

We ended the night off by going out for dinner & drinks at this amazing Thai restaurant – OSHA Thai

Hope you all had a fun weekend too!



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7 responses to “Our Living Room Update

  1. Beth Bates

    Does he still feel like you’re living in a nursery? I’m having that issue with pale aqua/blues – I want it light and airy, but I worry about the nursery effect. But it’s just paint, right? I can (and will) repaint!

  2. Beth Bates

    When you live in Cupertino, California (or anywhere in your glorious neck of the woods), all you have to do is step outside if you don’t like the view inside! We live in IN, but the Cupertino Hobee’s is one of my husband’s and my favorite places for brunch! (His photo was on the wall!) 🙂 He talks about the Blueberry Coffee Cake, still.

  3. Beth Bates

    p.s. I love the PBTeen rug idea. Is it sturdy? Nice Z Gallerie furniture, btw.

  4. Hobee’s is the best & yes their blueberry coffee cake is to die for!! PBteen rug is so soft and really durable. It was one of the only tufted wool rugs out there (with this design). All the others I found were flat-weave wool.. with our pet’s fur that would not work well, not to mention they aren’t very comfy.

  5. I found your blog by google-ing the oscar sofa, love what i’ve seen so far! I’m purchasing it this weekend, but how is it holding up to daily wear? I don’t know of anyone who has that sofa to ask.

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