34 weeks

To say the last few weeks have been crazy, would be a huge understatement. Between the childbirth & baby care classes,  maternity shoot, car shopping, baby shower planning & finishing up the nursery it’s been jam packed.

I can’t believe I’ll be having this babe in just 6 weeks! Here is the latest bump pic:

32 weeks + 4 days

Current cravings: peanut butter & avocados (not together lol)

Current annoyances: Not being able to get comfortable while sleeping. I get these weird buzzing/tingling feelings in my lower left back & also under my right rib. Keeps me up sometimes. Have any of you mommas experienced buzzing or tingling while preggers? So bizarre! I now have to sleep with 5 pillows just to be semi comfy!

Things I miss: Sleeping on my stomach! Pre-preggo I had a huge addiction to sleeping on my stomach.. only 6 more weeks. Can’t wait.

Things I’m loving: Her kicks. She is a super active baby. I love laying on my side and seeing her kicks and jabs through my stomach. LOVE it.

Current weight gain: 34 pounds

Last weekend we had our all day childbirth class at Santa Clara Kaiser. It was actually really informative. The instructor went over everything. We learned breathing techniques, positions to ease labor pain, terms we will need to know, watched labor movies &  played games. It was actually pretty fun! 8 hours was a little much, but overall it was definitely worth it. Clayton took a ton of notes & we asked lots of questions. Afterward we both were saying how we feel so much more comfortable with what is going to happen now.

Sunday we had our maternity shoot with our friends Jason & Anna, who also shot our wedding & engagement shoot. It was a lot of fun. To be honest I was kind of dreading getting my picture taken.. it’s little different when you’re pregnant & feel like a huge whale. But of course J & A made it super fun. We love them.

Can’t wait to share the photos with you guys.

I leave you with a little peak at baby girl’s nursery

IMG_0095I am still patiently waiting for my Nurseryworks Empire rocker… It’s backordered until March 4th! I hope it arrives before our little one does.


The side table lamp is from Target. The $7  lampshade was plain white, so I added a little grosgrain ribbon to the top & bottom. I like that it ties in with the black & white striped wall. The lamp base is acrylic, not glass. Much safer for baby.


Just waiting for the maternity & newborn photos to complete the gallery wall above her changing table

sneak3This is the fabric I ordered for her crib skirt.. I love the anchors, but I’m still undecided. I was planning to DIY her crib skirt this weekend. What do you think about the fabric?

IMG_0090Have a fabulous weekend!!

Xo, Melissa



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12 responses to “34 weeks

  1. I love the anchor fabric! Very unexpected, a great pop of color, and an understated way to round out the nautical vibe. I say, “Go for it!” Also, could your tingling be sciatica? Lastly, I wish you a quick return to sleeping on you belly, but if you plan to nurse, that may happen much further down the road. Trust me, I am a mother of three. Sleeping on rocks, anyone?

    • Ya I thought adding a small dose of nautical would be cute. We shall see! It’s not sciatica, just weird buzzing.. my dr says she hears that all the time from pregnant woman. It’s so funny, all the things that come along with pregnancy! Oh no, I didn’t think about the sleeping on rocks part… lol!! Happy Friday to you 🙂

  2. Sorry, that should be ‘your’ belly, not ‘you’ belly. Also, ‘farther’, not ‘further’. My apologies, but I have a little one in my lap.

  3. Beth Bates

    You have the most admirable taste! I would live in that room, pink anchor fabric or no pink anchor fabric. It’s luscious. Enjoy these last weeks – stomach-sleeping soon and sweet, sweet baby aromas. 🙂

  4. Jessica L.

    So I started following your blog recently after I began searching for pictures of homes that were similar to the one I was about to rent (in the Lakewood Villages of Sunnyvale) because we hadn’t yet seen the actual home on the inside due to tenants still occupying. Thankfully I stumbled upon your adorable site and fell in love!! I found lots of pictures of similar homes and the house we’re renting turned out adorable and similar to the pictures I found here. Anyway, just wanted to thank you for that!

    By the way, you’re simply adorable and your nursery is so posh!
    Have you tried using the Snoogle pillow? I was given one during my pregnancy (daughter is 14 months old now) and was SO thrilled with it. It totally helped me sleep and cured my aching back/hips!

    • Jessica, that is awesome!! So glad I could help you envision your home better. No I’ve never heard about the snoogle, but I am totally going to look into it now. My hips get so achy at night. Thx so much for all the compliments 🙂 have a fantastic week!

  5. Jacqueline

    I just love your blog! The layout, all the topics…! I love the baby room and that you didn’t go a cliche route but with a black and white theme! amazing! Cannot wait for more of your blog posts!

    • Wow thank you!! Ya I really wanted to make her room sophisticated and modern as opposed to the typical Girly frilly nursery. So happy I did, cause I can’t wait to spend time in there once she arrives! I’ll share the entire room once everything is complete! Thx for your feedback, it really means a lot.

  6. claytonadler@gmail.com

    Incredible! You are such an amazing mom-to-be and designer! Love the photos!

  7. What a gorgeous nursery! That’s one lucky baby girl.

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