Nursery works rocking chair

As you know, I’ve been waiting forever for my Nursery works rocking chair to come.. ok It was only a month, but still. I’m not very patient when it comes to waiting for furniture to arrive. I was surprised when it shipped early since the original ship date was March 4th. FOUR days before my due date. Ekks! I was pretty happy to know that I wouldn’t be rocker-less with a newborn!

IMG_0239The rocker is really comfy, besides the fact that it makes you sit very upright. Using the pouf to push off while rocking helps. Maybe I’m just not used to rockers?
It’s really comfortable + it has really nice back support & the suede fabric is more like velvet. Very lush. The husband likes it too because it comfortably fits him as well.


IMG_0240I purchased the rocker here, but only paid $800 & got free shipping. Not sure why the price is raised?..

IMG_0245The room is pretty much finished! I just have to finish the gallery wall above her changing table. We got the maternity photos back & will be sharing shortly!

Here is a one of my absolute favorites from the shoot:

i-nkxHgrh-X2Jason + Anna Photography

Xo, Melissa



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4 responses to “Nursery works rocking chair

  1. so beautiful – you rock!

  2. OH MY GOSH I LOVE IT!!!!!! I’ve never seen one like that- so jealous!!!!!! I love the nursery too!!!! The little pink mouse really makes it personalized!! We have an owl in our first’s crib, and no matter what, it stays in the room, just because it sat in her crib before she came for months and to me, it made the room HERS!

  3. That chair is perfect! I absolutely love it – and y’alls adorable picture!

  4. This is one awesome publish. I am presently seeking adjustable piano bench for the home and this is such a big help

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