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Couch Crush And Dilemma – Help!

I seemed to have found the perfect sofa to go perfectly with¬† Operation Glam Chic. The only problem is that I want it to be fancied up a bit… (yes I know that is not a word)

Meet The Chloe.. my current couch crush (thanks to BFF Lizzie)



So there you have it. The Chloe in ivory with a build in tufted backing, sloped arms and exposed wood legs. Chic beyond words… As much as I would love to be done scouring the internet in search of my perfect sofa, I just don’t know if I’m there yet.

Things I am not trilled about:

1) I prefer the look of two seat cushions, rather than three. Two cushions gives the sofa more of an updated modern look:


2) Chloe measures out to a tiny 76 inches wide.. considering our current couch is 98″ wide, I don’t know if the husband would go for it.

3) The tufted backing is gorgeous but its built in the back, not really providing much of a cushion plush feel which is kind of a big deal since, hello I want it to be comfy!

4) the fabric is a velvet/suede. I don’t really know how I really feel about that. But I guess I would live.

Finally 5) There is no gorgeous bronze nail head trim!

On the other hand it IS ONLY $899 at Macy’s

What would you do? For a little bit more I can have a custom couch made through Home Plate Furnishings (Again recommended by the amazing BFF

Loving the wood trim all across the bottom of this William Sonoma Sofa

I love the bronze nail head trim of this one below


Upclose of the nail head

If I did decide to get the sofa custom, I could have tufted cushions made for the sofa like these shown below


I definitely like the built in cushion look a lot better. Definitely gives a chic look. My only concern is comfort.


What do you think? Would you sacrifice comfort for looks? Have you owned a tufted couch like the one above? If so, was is comfortable? Would you recommend? Normally I always choose aesthetics over practicality,¬† but in this situation i don’t know. I really don’t want to be stuck with an uncomfortable couch! Please tell me your thoughts and opinions! I would love some help on my couch dilemma!




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