Couch Crush And Dilemma – Help!

I seemed to have found the perfect sofa to go perfectly with  Operation Glam Chic. The only problem is that I want it to be fancied up a bit… (yes I know that is not a word)

Meet The Chloe.. my current couch crush (thanks to BFF Lizzie)



So there you have it. The Chloe in ivory with a build in tufted backing, sloped arms and exposed wood legs. Chic beyond words… As much as I would love to be done scouring the internet in search of my perfect sofa, I just don’t know if I’m there yet.

Things I am not trilled about:

1) I prefer the look of two seat cushions, rather than three. Two cushions gives the sofa more of an updated modern look:


2) Chloe measures out to a tiny 76 inches wide.. considering our current couch is 98″ wide, I don’t know if the husband would go for it.

3) The tufted backing is gorgeous but its built in the back, not really providing much of a cushion plush feel which is kind of a big deal since, hello I want it to be comfy!

4) the fabric is a velvet/suede. I don’t really know how I really feel about that. But I guess I would live.

Finally 5) There is no gorgeous bronze nail head trim!

On the other hand it IS ONLY $899 at Macy’s

What would you do? For a little bit more I can have a custom couch made through Home Plate Furnishings (Again recommended by the amazing BFF

Loving the wood trim all across the bottom of this William Sonoma Sofa

I love the bronze nail head trim of this one below


Upclose of the nail head

If I did decide to get the sofa custom, I could have tufted cushions made for the sofa like these shown below


I definitely like the built in cushion look a lot better. Definitely gives a chic look. My only concern is comfort.


What do you think? Would you sacrifice comfort for looks? Have you owned a tufted couch like the one above? If so, was is comfortable? Would you recommend? Normally I always choose aesthetics over practicality,  but in this situation i don’t know. I really don’t want to be stuck with an uncomfortable couch! Please tell me your thoughts and opinions! I would love some help on my couch dilemma!




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13 responses to “Couch Crush And Dilemma – Help!

  1. only sacrifice comfort for looks if you don’t plan on using it much. i vote zgallerie 🙂

  2. Silvia Freitas

    Love all of them, but the wood trim and the apartment therapy are the best….

  3. Hmm I agree Anna. I was thinking maybe adding a lot of pillows could help make it comfy? Yes Silv, I definitely love that wood trim too.

  4. Dezzie

    I loveeee them ALL girlie!!!!
    What will be the primary function of this sofa? If I were going to be hanging out watching tv and snuggling on the couch I would definitely pick comfy [zgallerie]. If this is just going to be in a sitting room that is not used too often then I’d sacrafice some comfort :). PS I’m in loveeee with nail head detailing these days too!!!!

  5. I’m with Anna.. ZGallerie! I LOVE all the options… but they really don’t look comfy enough!

  6. I like the z-gallerie and the wood trim one. I actually really like the top one but obvi you are trying to talk yourself into it! Its gorg, but there are way too many reasons why you don’t like it!

    I liked my couch but It wasn’t comfy and now it just isn’t worth it…because you literally never want to sit there! So if it isn’t very comfy….its not worth it!

  7. Michi

    Ummm. in LOVE with the top one!! I say, go for that!! When have you ever cared for comfort instead of looks,,, hello.. look at all the MILLIONS of shoes you have that are shoe suicide and rock them so perfectly! I’m a realist, love you but say knowing you, you should go for the first! Haha

  8. Jackie

    Love the first couch and the William Sonoma one. I would always pick comfort over looks but I’m more of a practical kinda girl. But I do have to bring up one thing…babies in the future will make this gorgeous white couch quite dirty, trust me. But if it comes clean easily then who cares. 🙂 Love you!!!

  9. ok I just went through all this so you’ll know I have the best advice. I was actually going to get the Pauline sofa from Zgallerie but chose against it because A. It took forever to ship with custom fabric and B. It looked frumpy over time and didn’t keep its shape well, that’s due to the inserts they use in that couch. Their website says this “virgin silicon slickened congregated fiber.” okkkk so WTF is that? anyways so I vote a custom made sofa similar to the William Sonoma but add nail head and no tufting. Save the tufted furniture for accent chairs and an ottoman. sexy. This way you also won’t compromise comfort. Hope this helps girly!!! : )

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