How To Paint Your Floors White.. Holy Amazing.

I NEED these white floors! Obsessed! I first heard of this idea a couple of months ago on the Nate Burkus Show. I was basically glued to the TV.  There is just something about white, I  cannot get enough of it. I’m pretty much drooling over this living room.


Painting our floors won’t be happening for awhile, since we plan to rent this place for a couple more years. Once we buy a house, I will be all over this. I guess I will just have to dream for now! Painting your floors white is probably the easiest way to add instant chic to your home. Well maybe not easy but you know what I mean.  Here is a really good extremely detailed tutorial I found over at Door 16.


Someone please do this! I can at least live vicariously through one of you. We would love to hear how it goes and see your before & after photos too!



As you can see white painted wood floors go with any decor. Shabby chic, modern chic, vintage, rustic, whatever you like.


Xo, Melissa & Virginia



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5 responses to “How To Paint Your Floors White.. Holy Amazing.

  1. OMG for once we are TOTALLY opposite 🙂 I want full on black floors. Glad to know we are still a teeny tiny bit different! haha.

    ps those do look amazing! You should do that 🙂

  2. Wow that IS pretty shocking haha! I used to want all black floors but then I realized that wouldn’t work for Frank & Stewie’s blond fur 😦

  3. Love painted floors! But I seriously wonder what the up keep on something like this is. Seems like you would be cleaning them everyday! I think it would be fun to paint the floor white in like a bathroom, where you don’t necessarily wear your shoes in there. Can you imagine all the shoe scuff marks! oh lordy! pretty sexy though!

  4. Absolutely beautiful. No more carpets with a look and experience of such clean and contemporary living.

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