EASY DIY – spray painted media cabinet + trellis design

Since everything else in the living room has been updated, our good ol’ Ikea media cabinet  was really starting to bug me. It was in need of some serious style infusing.

Soooo for fun, I started googling “trellis design/pattern” and came up with this

I decided to print it out and glue the paper together, making it large enough to fit in my 11×18 inch windows of the media cabinet.

It looked a-ma-zing, so I got all excited and informed my husband that I would be painting & covering the windows to the media cabinet. He always thinks I am nuts, but agreed and requested I paint it an antique white color rather than pure white.

I really didn’t feel like getting out my paint brushes, sander & primer and doing the whole messy ordeal, so I grabbed a couple of cans of Heirloom White Rust-oleum spray paint from Home Depot. (I ended up needing 4 cans) + some spray adhesive to apply the trellis paper to the windows.

Tapped off and hardware removed.. First coat!

Almost done…. Oh and I bought two aqua knobs from Anthropology to replace the old brassy gold ones + it matches the aqua wall.

So here is the living room before..

Before again..


Yayyy now people don’t have to see my extensive collection of workout dvds!!

I sprayed a light coat of spray adhesive directly on the paper before sticking it to the windows – worked very well!

What do you think?? Just for the record, I definitely don’t recommend skipping the sanding and priming steps even if you are going to spray paint. I am just lazy.

{Some other options/ideas}

A stencil would be amazing on any piece of furniture you are re-painting like this one – Cutting Edge Stencils have a good variety

{source unknown}

O’verlays would be amazing too

{via pinterest}

Xo, Melissa



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13 responses to “EASY DIY – spray painted media cabinet + trellis design

  1. cameliadoll@gmail.com

    Hi Melissa, I see your posts about the DIY home stuff you do, and your Ikea conversion is literally amazing – I’m pretty much speechless about what you did to it. I have this heinous entertainment center that I’ve been brainstorming over what to do with it… Do you think if I emailed you a pic you could check it out and give me some suggestions?



  2. Ktalbee

    That’s amazing!!! It looks so easy! I have a hideous piece that I think would look great with that spray paint.. Fingers crossed! I would like to send you pics too, to see if you have any good suggestions 🙂

  3. wow this looks amazing! great work

  4. Jackie

    Wow girl you are so crafty!! I already knew that but still it’s awesome! I love it and it completely changes how the whole living room looks. You have such great ideas, I would have never thought of that.

  5. Hi Melissa! I was wondering where you got your chairs in the living room from..Thanks!

  6. How much sq footage of space was covered in paint when you got done?

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