Washi Tape Corkboard DIY

I found this awesome idea for a corkboard on Pinterest. This was so easy, I literally made this in 20 mins!

{Supplies used}

* 4 pack of 12″ corkboard tiles – found at Michaels

* Japanese Washi tape in your fav color. 15mm size – found on Etsy or here

* 1.5 inch Masking tape (I used frog tape since that’s all we had)

* Scissors

I taped the first piece diagonal across the corkboard  leaving about 1/2 inch on either side to tape to the back

Then I took the frog tape and used it to spacer for the rest of the pink washi tape

Repeat on the other 3 corkboards..

You can do this design or.. switch the tiles around and make this design

and you’re done! Now just stick the tiles to the wall with the adhesive squares provided.

Pretty cute huh?



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6 responses to “Washi Tape Corkboard DIY

  1. love this! I saw this one on pinterest and wanted to try it. Yours turned out great!

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