Ikea Shelving Completes the Look!

Friday we made the trip to Ikea to pick up their Lack shelves. $16.99 each?! You really can’t beat that.. and honestly I think they look pretty dang cute in the dining room.

What do you think? I decided on the high gloss white lack shelf instead of the matte finish. In person the matte finish looked super cheap & ugly. I was a little worried about the super modern high gloss shelves looking weird with the shabby vintage decor of the buffet, but I think it works well. Again I ador mixing modern with vintage antique pieces.

I’m loving the look of the open storage & the gold chalkboard accents the wall perfectly.

If you’re looking for storage solutions, I definitely recommend these. They come in a ton of different colors and three different sizes.

Enjoy your week!ย  Xo, Melissa



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7 responses to “Ikea Shelving Completes the Look!

  1. Adorable! Love the chalk board sign and the drink me tag. Too cute!

  2. I also love the open storage because it looks like a decor attached on the wall. Instead of having wall frames, open storage is good. You have storage and wall decor in one.

  3. Darcy

    My love just brought home a gorgeous sideboard for me (found in a free pile!!) and as stoked as I was to get this amazing gift…I did NOT know what I would do with it..yours gives me so much inspiration. Thank you!!

  4. Laura

    Hi Melissa! What did you use to reinforce the shelves on the wall? We bought a few of these but they seem wobbly and unsafe. Yours look great and like they can hold quite a bit! Thank you!

    • Laura, we didn’t use anything to reinforce the shelves. They did seem slightly wobbly, but I tested them by putting my weight on them to make sure they would hold. We haven’t had any problems with them. Hope this helps! Thx for stopping by ๐Ÿ™‚

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