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DIY Paper & Burlap Lined Cabinet

I bought this white cabinet  from the Antique Fair awhile ago. I was thinking I wanted to eventually line the back of the cabinet with wallpaper or paint to make everything in the cabinet stand out more. Randomly the other night, I was going through all my wedding stuff and realized I had a bunch of left over burlap and cute paper from the wedding.  So I decided to see what it would look like glued to the back of the cabinet!

Here is the result:

I did it so fast, I didn’t even think to take before pictures! {It was basically I lifeless plain white cabinet before with no personality.}

I didn’t have enough of the gold & cream vintage paper to line both shelves, so I used burlap for the bottom & the paper on top. I just measured and cut burlap for the bottom &¬† did the same with the vintage paper. I used a hot glue gun and glued them to the back of the shelf. The thing I love the most is that almost everything on the shelves were used in our wedding or my bridal shower.

Love the vintage shabby chic feel

You could also use your favorite wallpaper or whatever you have laying around the house. Even leftover fabric would work.

Have you done something similar to this DIY? Did you use wallpaper, paint or other? Do tell! I love getting new ideas.

Xo, Melissa & Virginia


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Business & Bridal Fun

Between business & our fast approaching wedding, it has been pretty insane around here!! Last week I decided to attend an all day short sale seminar, which I will say was well worth it. The main idea that was conveyed was exactly how to negotiate with the banks while avoiding their crazy tactics. VERY good inside data for me.

Now onto the fun stuff! My bridal shower is less than a month away. I am so exited for this. We decided to do something a little different. Rather than having the normal daytime shower; I came up with having a sort of girls night cocktail party. It will be at Lizzie’s house in the backyard. Think outdoor garden party on a warm summer night with romantic candles, yummy food, cocktails & games. Here are some photos to give you an idea of the overall feel I am going for.

And I’m pretty sure we will have to make some of these grapefruit mojitos too!

Here is a little sneak peak from our engagement shoot. More to come soon!

Jason & Anna Photography

Jason & Anna Photography


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