Christmas Tree Adventures

Hope you all had a good weekend!! Clayton & I spent the majority of our 4 day weekend being lazy & sleeping in.. Well I did squeeze some work in there too. Yesterday we headed out  in search for our Christmas tree. (He never lets me get a tree this early!!) haha. I have been hearing a lot about Frosty’s Christmas Tree Farm in the Los Gatos Mountains for a couple years now and thought it would be so much fun to go cut down a tree ourselves. Apparently the tree lasts a whole lot longer when you cut it down fresh off the mountain!

Such a gorgeous drive!

Frosty’s was amazing. They provide you with a saw, twine, free hot chocolate or coffee  and the best part, they allow your furry babies! All their trees are $60 – any size! Check out the view!

Cute husband

20 acres of Christmas trees!!

Searching for the perfect tree!

Found it!

Sawing away..

Frank & I waiting patiently

Enjoying the view

Smelling the fresh air

And he’s done!

Thanks babe!!

If you are thinking about cutting down your own tree this year, Clay and I definitely recommend you check out Frosty’s!! I think we started a new tradition!



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2 responses to “Christmas Tree Adventures

  1. For a scant bit of time, I thought that first photo was of a dog driving a car. You have no idea how disappointed I was when I realized that wasn’t the case. Luckily the rest of your post on acquiring a pine tree was still pretty good.

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