Sold Property Update

Here are some of  the properties the Lindstrom Re/Max  Real estate Team listed and  SOLD in the past 3 months

1522 Kooser Road, San Jose, Ca.  95118

Cambrian Area of San Jose

List Price:  $699,950.00 

Sale Price:  $655,000.00 38 Days on the market AS-IS Sale (No termite work, Roof work or repairs of any kind by Seller)

Closed October 10th 2014

IMG_3590  IMG_3599    IMG_3595  IMG_3594  IMG_3593  IMG_3615  IMG_3613  IMG_3612  IMG_3611  IMG_3610  IMG_3608  IMG_3603


1209 Socorro Avenue, Sunnyvale, Ca.  94089

Lakewood Village

Listed Price:  $599,950.00

Sale price:   $618,000.00  MULTIPLE OFFERS 17 Days on the market  AS-IS SALE (This home was all original- in VERY poor condition & in need of a  roof, fumigation & much more)

Closed December 9th 2014

IMG_3664  IMG_3670  IMG_3671  IMG_3674  IMG_3675  IMG_3678  IMG_3680  IMG_3681  IMG_3682


1542 Calinoma Drive, San Jose, Ca.  95118

Cambrian Area of San Jose

List Price: $679,950.00

Sale price: $800.000.00  $121,000.00 OVER ASKING!!  MULTIPLE OFFERS 12 Days on the market AS-IS Sale (This home had a Partially converted 2 car garage as side from that all original)  

Closed December 16th 2014

IMG_3691  IMG_3695   IMG_3698  IMG_3699  IMG_3700   IMG_3703  IMG_3704  IMG_3706  IMG_3709  IMG_3710   IMG_3712  IMG_3713  IMG_3715  IMG_3716  IMG_3717  IMG_3720

1309 Torrance Avenue Sunnyvale, CA 94089

Lakewood Village 

List Price: $609,950.00

Sale Price: $635,000.00 MULTIPLE OFFERS17 Days on the market AS-IS Sale (All original seller did no work to the property.)  

Closed December 26th 2014

IMG_3727    IMG_3734   IMG_3739  IMG_3742   IMG_3748    IMG_3753   IMG_3759


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